Canoe and Piroques

Full size plans available in the Stores

The Wallops Island 12 is a one man kayak. Unlike my other canoes it has a flatter bottom and should paddle more like a canoe than a kayak. (Tracking should not be as strong.) It also has the higher seating position instead of sitting kayak style.


STONEFLY This is a boat I built for myself. I wanted a canoe to fish from. I have fished from my kayaks but a canoe makes a a better fishing platform than a sit-in kayak for me. I did not intend to offer plans for this but there was a lot of interest in it.StoneFly will track harder than most canoes. It is not flat bottomed and it was designed for use on a very large lake where I may paddle some distance. So it’s not going to spin around quickly. That is a draw back on smaller creeks but I still use on them, it just takes more effort to turn it around.


Mayfly canoe

MAYFLY is a 17′ 6″ OAL tandem canoe wilderness canoe. I have had requests for a good camping canoe and this is it.  She has the capacity for two paddlers and gear. Hull is a shallow arch with moderate rocker.  She should handle 400 lbs no problem.

crawfish single

Crawfish I was looking for the simplest and cheapest boat you could design. and I come up with Crawfish, a simple one man Pirogue. Unlike a true Pirogue it has a V bottom instead of a totally flat bottom which is better suited to this style of construction. If you looking to try Fuselage frame or a simple boat to build, this is it.

Image10Crawfish Tandem A tandem version of the Crawfish Pirogue. Longer and larger so it could handle two people.

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