Building Classes


When asked about their kayak, not many people can say, “I built it.”
If you ever wanted to be a member of that small group this class is for you.



Using the Fuselage Frame method you can build a durable and very lightweight (32-35 lbs.) kayak. You don’t have to be a woodworker. If you can tie a knot, use a paint brush and spend the day on your feet you can build one of my boats.

We will start with one of my pre-cut kits. I will teach you how to set up the frames and stringers that define the hulls shape. Using a method that is thousands of years old you will lash all the frames together with artificial sinew. We will use no epoxy, wood glue or screws to assemble the frame. The farme is held together using the traditional method of lashings.
So there is not confusion, the coaming is assembled with screws to keep the class on time.

Once the frame is finished we will sew a synthetic fabric ‘skin’ around the frame. With the skin sewn around your frame, you will paint the fabric to waterproof it. It will dry overnight and the next morning we finish up by installing the seat, backrest and boats will be ready for launching.

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Oh yes, they are tough

Contrary to their delicate looks, Skin on Frame boats are very tough and durable. I have run mine upon many rocks, across submerged logs, stumps and tree limbs and I have yet to make more than a small mark on the hull.

This video shows you just how tough they really are. It takes a lot more than hitting a rock, stick or some other object in the water!



No classes currently scheduled, but keep reading

If you are interested in a class I can organize one IF there is enough demand. We need at least two boats to hold a class. Class cost is $1,150 and is subject to change and are a week long.


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