Welcome to Kudzu Craft, we specialize in the ‘Fuselage Frame’ style of skin on frame boats. Our boats are designed for the home builder. We offer full sized plans, precut frame kits and many of the supplies needed to build your own small boat.


Tired of fighting with 50 pound boats?

VARDO when finished weighted 34 pounds. Curlew with a heavier 12 oz. skin weighed 32 lbs. Shad weighted 28 lbs with a 8 oz polyester and painted finish.These were not special built boats. These were built exactly as I recommend you build yours. Weight will vary depending on the materials you use of course. Our boats are made using fuselage style frame covered in nylon or polyester fabric and then sealed to make it waterproof. You end with a very lightweight boat and yes, a very durable boat.

And you can build one yourself for about $300 to $400 in materials!

Detailed cost breakdown

My boats are based on construction methods that have been used for thousands of years. We are now using modern materials but the basic methods or construction have not changed. My frames are built using a fuselage style, much like airplane construction.

The frames are cut from marine plywood and the stringers are made from lightweight woods and lashed together with artificial sinew. A synthetic fabric skin is sewn over the frame, shrunk,waterproofed and becomes a structural member of the boat. This method makes an strong, durable and very lightweight boat.

Sling Shot frame under construction


“It’s like paddling a feather!”
Jessica B. ACA instructor

This boat is fast! (after paddling new Short Shot)
Phil W. ACA Instructor

“Just launched my Ravenswood this weekend. Both my wife and I are very impressed. It is surprisingly stable, faster than expected, very nimble and handles wind and 1-2 foot waves nicely. …… This has immediately become my go-to single boat. (Not in the least because at 20-ish pounds it is really easy to lift onto the car top!) Now my wife thinks she wants one too.”

“Paddled Fire fly for the first time today. Gave my son the Long shot boy do we look good out there, We went about a mile up a salt water creek. They paddle straight and true, the creek had quite a few twists and turns. Fire fly responded like it should I leaned her over and she took the turns like she should great boat.”

Oh yea, they are tough!


Contrary to their delicate looks, SOF boats are very tough and durable. I have run mine upon many rocks, across submerged logs, stumps and tree limbs and I have yet to make more than a small mark on the hull.This video shows you just how tough they really are. It takes a lot more than hitting a rock, stick or some other object in the water!

STORE Full size plans, supplies, kits etc.

Building a Kudzu Craft boat

Would like to see what is involved in building one of my boats? I created this short video that walks you through the steps involved in building a boat. It will not show you details but it will give you an overview of what you can expect.

STORE Full size plans, supplies, kits etc.

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