If you prefer not to build your own boat but you would like to enjoy the rewards of owning a lightweight fuselage frame boat I would be happy to build one for you.

Prices start at $1,650 for one of the Mess Abouts.
$1,750 for the other hard chined designs.
Multi-chine boats such as Long Shot, Short Shot and Firefly start at $1,850.

Price includes a set of Sealect Design footrests, back band, Redfish seat, standard deck rigging and skinned with 8 oz. polyester. Your boat will be finished with 3 coats of oil based enamel paint or a polyurethane finish if you prefer a translucent, see-through finish.

Two tone paint is an option. I am not an artist so I cannot do custom paint work on your boat, but something like the Clown fish paint shown is possible and will be priced on request.

If you are a fisherman be sure to look at the Cast Away version of the Mess About. We can build one for you and customize it with rod holders, anchor trolley, extra mounts, etc. to suit your needs.

Other skins and finishes are available. Hatches can be added to most designs. Bare frames for display or finishing yourself are available.

If you are interested contact me and we can discuss your needs.

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